Monday, February 11, 2019

Relay for Life Fundraiser - February 27th

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!! There is going to be yet another Relay for Life fundraiser, but this one you won't want to miss! 

The City of Alachua team has planned a fundraiser at Tony and Als Restaurant in Alachua on Wednesday, February 27th. Team Cootie Coo Creations is going to CRASH that fundraiser (actually we will support it full throttle) by hosting a Coo February Birthdays Celebration at 5:00pm that evening at Tony and Als. The money raised from people eating there (a donation that will be made by Tony & Als) will go to the City of Alachua team, but Team Cootie Coo will have its OWN private donation jar at our reserved table(s). 

Any member of The Coo Family who has a birthday in February is invited to join us in asking for "Donations to Relay for Life in lieu of gifts for our 2019 birthdays". Of course. EVERYONE is invited to meet us there and join in the celebration/fundraiser, but we will all be going "Dutch treat". 

So far Sandra Tipping Bass, Katie Avram and Sharon Kantor are known February birthday girls...who else out there is a February Babe? We expect a great turnout and will be reserving tables, so please let me know if you plan on joining in the fun! Donations for this fundraiser will be accepted ALL MONTH at The Coo, so feel free to plan on attending, make a donation and have a great time!!! Shane Bowlin will be making the birthday cake(s) and her cakes are GREAT!!! Write it down before you forget, Wednesday, February 27th, 5:00pm, Tony & Als in Alachua, Florida!! Donations made in the form of a check should have checks made out to the American Cancer Society. Thank you! Hope to see you there! Whoop whoop - what a hoot!