Thursday, July 21, 2016

Smash Book Wednesday

Here are the glamour girls in the Smash group - they must be going to San Francisco, since they are all wearing flowers in their hair...of course, there may be those of you who are not old enough to get the joke here...the fun is unending at The Coo...and today we were singing bits from oldie goodies. Of course, Vanessa Drury always seemed to have a different song in mind...perhaps since she is just half of the age of the rest of us - haha - we have a different set of "oldie goodies". We LOVE you Vanessa!

July Smash Book Jam was a smashing success...the ladies had a great time making a wonderful assortment of flowers using both fabric and paper - whoop whoop! Thanks, Celeste Beck of Goatfeathers Studio, for your guidance and patience!