Monday, February 29, 2016

Faces Boot Camp -- Space Available

There is still room in the Faces Boot Camp on Sunday, March 6, from 1:00pm - 5:00pm 

These are Terry's words: " We will be drawing but NO drawing experience is needed! If you can write your name, you have sufficient hand/eye coordination to learn to draw faces. The focus will not be on a finished product but on deconstructing facial features and practicing drawing and shading their shapes. A fun Powerpoint presentation will give us some good inspiration and ideas. You will go home with some face templates, head shape patterns, shadow/highlight and proportion "maps", and more.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend's Faces Boot Camp...

Patti is in her own world as she uses
a stump to perfect the lips she has drawn

Terry shows some examples of whimsical faces and
explains that there are really no hard and fast rules with whimsical faces.

Katie and Lorie are learning the tricks of drawing eyes and noses.

Some of the final results from FACES Boot Camp with
Terry...everyone had a grand time and was amazed at all the tricks
of the trade that they learned from Terry. Great job, ladies

Terry Peattie gives Kathy some pointers
as she works on her facial features

Celeste, Kathy, Lori and Katie are trying their hands
 at different facial features. The results were amazing!

Lori doesn't really like to have her picture taken,
but she sure loves coming to mixed media classes at The Coo!

Celeste shows off some of her practice work
and is impressed with everything she
 has learned today during "Boot Camp"

Everyone listens intently as Terry explains
 the processes involved in creating faces

Kathy has gotten the lips down pat, thanks to her
new relationship with Mr. Stump!

We will learn proper proportion and placement of features on the face and some nifty tools and tricks to help you achieve a pretty symmetrical face. We'll practice shading and highlighting using only a pencil, blending stump and eraser and also a fun technique using Stabilo pencils and gesso.

We will also go over efficient ways to use and reuse your drawn faces and some timesaving tricks for using your art in finished pieces, cards and art journals. We'll play a bit with some of the face stencils that are now available. They can be wonderful tools as you continue to practice shading, painting and drawing.

In addition, we will let go and have some fun with whimsical faces. After learning proportions and placement, we get to break all the rules to create whimsical girls!

The final portion of the class is devoted to different ways to color your faces. We can experiment with various mixed media combinations (time permitting - maybe we need a 3-day class???), but at least there will be examples and demonstrations of a number of ways to use whatever materials you like to work with. The skill you have in using the various art materials is what really makes your art look more sophisticated, not necessarily the appearance of the face you draw."
Class fee: $30.00