Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cootie Coo Update

Just a quick note to say hello while I still have my sanity! Craziness will begin in just 9 days and I can't wait!! There is a little prelude to the insanity with our ONE DAY Saturday sale of 50% off all Giving Gallery items! These craft items are already at rock bottom prices and on Saturday, the prices will be slashed in half..OMG...can you believe it?? Come early to take advantage of the fantastic bargains!!

This Friday and Saturday there will be $5.00 Make N Takes (a $5.00 donation to Relay for Life)and then no classes until Craziness begins! The day after Craziness I will be boarding a plane for ITALY so the shop will be closed until Friday, November 7, when we will once again have our $5.00 Make N Takes - phew!! 

What a whirlwind!