Thursday, January 9, 2014

Booksigning: Local Author Sienna Rose

January 17, 2014
7 - 8:30 p.m.

Book Signing
Meet Bridge Ices Before Road author Sienna Rose.
Please RSVP - Books will be available for purchase.
NOTE: Sienna will sign books that were purchased prior to event.

Cootie Coo Creations 
280 NE 1st Ave.
High Springs, FL 32643

Please RSVP - Books will be available for purchase.
Phone: (386) 454-8008 

BOOK DESCRIPTION: The year is 1970. In a blue-collar suburb of Boston, two eleven year-old Catholic girls struggle to come of age in a culture still very much dominated by men. They watch in dismay as their fathers and priests determine the lives of the women around them. Loyalty to family and church is paramount; women and children suffer in silence rather than expose the men who do them harm. Frances Orillio is an adopted, only child; she is self-critical, anxious, and vulnerable. Maddy Malone is one of six children, and grew up in a rough housing project scrapping with the boys. Although they are strikingly different in temperament, they forge an enduring friendship on the path to becoming strong, independent women. Together they battle the tangled jungle of ignorance, racism, and homophobia that goes hand in hand with the culturally entrenched discrimination against women. Like the treacherous roads in a New England winter, the way is fraught with hidden dangers. Family secrets and lies are like the invisible black ice on a bridge: if you don't watch out for the signs, it can be deadly.

Sienna Rose is a Massachusetts native, born in 1959 and residing in Florida since 2002. In 1996, she earned a BA in psychology from UMASS Boston, and in 2001, an M.Ed. in school counseling from Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA. Because she has always been concerned with those who are different and vulnerable to bullying or abuse, Ms. Rose wrote her master's thesis on the needs of gay/lesbian/bi/trans youth in school. She works as an independent educational consultant and advocate for children with disabilities. Bridge Ices Before Road is her first novel.